Dear Business Owners,

There are many things that make Topanga a unique community.  One of them is the Topanga Symphony, our local orchestra that has been providing the canyon with beautiful music since 1982.

In order for the Topanga Symphony to exist, financial support from the community is not only appreciated but is essential.  You can support the symphony by advertising in the concert program.

The Topanga Symphony reaches influential residents of Topanga, Malibu, and the West Valley three times each year with classical music concerts that are FREE.

The printed program for each concert includes information about the pieces being played, the composer, soloist AND advertising.

The performances are attended by 200 people. The Santa Monica Mountain residents attending our concerts are the same residents who frequent your business, and they will be pleased that you are supporting their Topanga Symphony.

The advertising rates are below:  There is a 20% discount if you commit to advertising for three or more concerts.


    full page – 5” x 8” - $145.00

    half page – 5” x 4” horizontal, 2.5” x 8” vertical - $90.00

    quarter page – 5” x 2” horizontal, 2.5” x 4” vertical - $60.00

    eighth page – 2.5 x 2” - $40.00


Please contact Mary Sipple at or call her at 310
455-2213 for more information and to order your program advertisement to keep the music alive in the canyon.


Thank you for your support.



Topanga Symphony Board of Directors